Living Threads Co. provides special access, curated art, and cultural exchanges with highly skilled artisans in remote locations around the world through: (1) Artisan demonstrations, workshops, and facilitated discussions with partner organizations in the United States; (2) Facilitation of custom product design and production; and (3) Travel experiences through private and customizable trips.


Phase 1 | EXCHANGE| Host an Artisan: Bring a skilled Living Threads Co. artisan to your museum, membership and community for hands-on demonstrations, discussion, and tailored presentations.

Phase 2 | DESIGN | Exclusive & Custom Product Collection: Design a unique product or collection of products exclusively for your shop, museum, exhibit, and/or client.  Products will be created in collaboration with the artisan guest hosted by you in Phase 1.  Product may be launched and pre-sold during Phase 1 events. 

Phase 3 | TRAVEL| People, Art, & Culture: Offer a unique and custom travel experience to your members, customers, or clients, as they discover the art, culture, living and workplaces of our partner artisans. Get to know the artisans who create each piece and  see first-hand the design and creation process, as well as the impact and challenges of supporting the artisan sector in some of the most remote communities around the globe.  Learn from artisans who have perfected their traditional craft over thousands of years, and help to break down borders by sharing culture and connecting people.  


Living Threads Co. Global Artisan Exchange Program travel, design and exchange


Living Threads Co. custom product design program

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