Profile view of the Living Threads Co. face mask. Comfortable and washable, made in collaboration with Nicaraguan artisans.
Eco-dyed cotton masks woven by artisans in Nicaragua.
Vibrant green face mask, handwoven by artisans in Nicaragua. Comfortable, washable cotton.
Red face mask made with washable, reusable cotton made by Nicaraguan artisans.
Washable, reusable cotton face mask in bright blue. Made in collaboration with artisans in Nicaragua.
Reusable cotton face mask made in collaboration with partner artisans in Nicaragua.
Living Threads Co. reusable face mask in a neutral black and white. Made in collaboration with partner artisans in Nicaragua.
Red cloth masks with two layers of cotton handmade by artisans in Nicaragua.
Tangerine cotton washable reusable face mask with optional filter made in collaboration with Nicaraguan artisans.
Brown face mask handwoven by artisans in Nicaragua. Washable, reusable and sold with optional filter.

Artisan Woven Face Mask

* All Face Masks will ship August 15th.

The Story 
  • Two layers of 100% eco-dyed cotton
  • Outer layer is handcrafted by our partner artisans in Nicaragua on a foot loom 
  • Face mask is cut and sewn by our team in Golden, Colorado
  • Weave and color may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the fabric
  • NOTE: These face masks are not medical grade or N95s but they do follow the CDC's recommendations for cloth face coverings. 

Filter Option

Should you choose a mask + filter, your face mask will come with 2 layers of MERV 14 rated filter, which Texas A&M found to be an effective alternative to an N95 mask. The filter will be removable, with the cotton mask left open on the bottom so that you can clean the exterior cotton mask and wear with, or without, the filter. 

  • Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and electrostatic filter material
  • Care: Do not wash. "Dry heating of the mask at 70°C for 30 minutes has been suggested as a method of decontamination which can adequately kill virus and preserve the filter integrity for re-use." See full CDC recommendation here.
Details & Care
- 100% ecologically dyed cotton
- Without filter:  Machine wash on gentle. Hang Dry 
- With fIlter:  See CDC guidelines and recommendations through link above