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Root Brush

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The Story

The all natural Mexican root brush is the perfect edition to your eco kitchen.  The brush is handmade using the root of Zacatón grass that grows in arid regions of Mexico and the US. Available in small, medium, and large these brushes are great for scrubbing tough to clean dishes and make a beautiful gift.  Also available, our Natural Jar set which includes handmade soap and a medium root brush packaged beautifully in a mason jar.  


Details & Dimensions

Small: 3.5"L  X  1.5"W    Medium: 5"L  X  1.75"W    Large: 5"L  X  2.25"W

Zacaton : a coarse grass that grows in bunches and is found in Mexico and south-western USA, esp the species Sporobolus and  Epicampes. *Collins Dictionary